Automotive Mechanics Certificate

A certificate may be earned in one year for successful completion of specific coursework from the Automotive Technician area.
Degree Worksheet for Automotive Mechanics Certificate

Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Mechanics (AAS)

General Education with an emphasis in Automotive Technology may be earned by completing 12-16 semester credits of general education coursework and about 48 semester credits of automotive courses. This degree is transfer oriented, in that it can be used by a student to transfer to other four-year institutions, often as a third year student. The degree may be used by the student planning additional study leading to a bachelor’s degree in automotive or other areas of study. It provides an excellent way for a student to not only complete part of his/her education but to obtain the a highly competitive job in a market while working toward a bachelors degree.
Degree Worksheet for AAS in Automotive Mechanics

For High School Students

Students begin by taking a one or two semester “Basic Automotive” course for high school credit only. The course can be taken in the tenth through twelth grades and gives the student a foundation concerning tools, auto systems, safety, career, training requirements etc. A student may enroll in a specialized area in the ASE program in the junior year. Two of these areas are offered at local high schools and all eight are offered at DSU. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS concurrently enrolled as regular university students have access to all eight areas and can certify in any one, or all eight areas.

University Catalog (Automotive Technology Program)

Check out the University catalog to see requirements: Automotive Technology Program